Monday, 28 May 2012

Choco Delite.

Desert time!!!!!!

Time for some choc-o-lucious desert. Very simple if you have the right ingredients available. Perfect to assemble at a short notice.


1 cup                Cream                       
1/2 cup             Powdered sugar         
1/2 cup             Chocolate essence      
1/4 cup             Chocolate syrup         
1 scoop            Chocolate ice cream    
Choc o chips for garnish


Whip the cream with powdered sugar and chocolate essence till stiff peaks form.

Take a tall glass or a bowl, squirt the chocolate syrup around the edges and spread it with a spoon or simply twist the glass around.

Put a layer of cream at the bottom of the glass, pour in some chocolate syrup. Add the scoop of chocolate ice cream and top off with some more cream. Garnish with choc o chips.

If choc o chips are not available use grated dark chocolate.

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