Friday, 13 July 2012

Misal Pav

Its friday the 13 th!!! Though I really do not quiet believe in the myth, when I look back , I had quiet a bunch of bad friday the 13th's!( thank god today isnt one of those,infact its
better and quiet lucky,but we ll get back to it later)
I still remember the friday 13th in 2005 , when i was a retail banker. I had the worse working day , with customers pouring from all directions , me getting absent minded ( so much so that I almost forgot to pay the share taxiwallah! It was embarrasing! Gone are those days! I m a homemaker now, and the date slipped out of mind , until I began writing the friday fever recipe!
And today had been a lucky day for me! It so happened,that I had ordered some fashion jewellery from a well known online portal ,and found it quiet damaged and unsatisfactory , and worse, the portal that otherwise advertised 30 days return policy , didnt have any return policy for jewellery!
I was furious at their smart and unethical ways,and expressed it at their customer service! And so determined was I that I sent the pictures of the jewels to prove my point. I was quiet upset yesterday and vowed never to order anything from that portal! Worse, I had spent quiet an amount on the jewels ,that I wanted to gift some1.And now I had another task and expense to hunt for another appropriate gift!
And to my delight, they called me and were willing to refund for the order!
So atleast this friday the 13th proved lucky for me! And thanks to the portal who understands the customer!
So back to our friday fever recipe! Since Shravaan is fast approaching, todays friday fever will go veg,just for a warmup!
But nevertheless , it would still be fiery!
Enjoy it with this spicy Misal Pav,that is sure to give you a run for ... water!!!
But enjoy the spices and the fun!


1 Cup sprouted Matki / mixed sprouts
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Chilly Powder
1 tsp Malvani Garam Masala/Regular garam masala
1/2 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Namak Shamak
1/2 tsp Tamarind pulp
1 tsp Jaggery
2-3 tsp Oil

For the masala
1 Medium Onion sliced and a small onion chopped
2 tsp Coriander seeds
1 tsp Fennel seeds
8-10 cloves Garlic
1 Inch Ginger
2 tbsp Dry Coconut scraped
1 tsp Oil

To serve:
1 Cup Mixed Farsan
1 Medium Onion Finely chopped
2 Lemon Wedges
Chopped coriander leaves for garnish
Pav as required

Heat oil in a pressure cooker and add cumin seeds.Once they splitter add the sprouts and mix.Add 1/2 tsp salt and water just enough to cover the sprouts . Cover the lid and cook for about 1-2 whistles.Do not overcook.

Heat oil in another pan and add all the ingredients for the masala and roast till golden brown.
Cool and grind to a fine paste.

Heat oil in a kadhaai and add the chopped onion . Once translucent , add the ground masala and fry till oil seperates. Add the tumeric,chilly powder and garam masala powder and salt and saute for 2 mins.
Add the boiled sprouts with the water and adjust the consistency of the gravy.Add tamaring paste and jaggery.
Simmer for 5 mins. Garnish with chopped coriander.

To serve,place some mixed farsan in a bowl and pour some hot gravy or usal over it.Top it with chopped onion and coriander and a dash of lime.


  1. Thank You so much for the feedback!! We strive to bring you simple,traditional ,yet special recipes to add a spice to daily cooking!

  2. You're the best! I have never thought of making Misal Pav at home :) Thanks for the recipe :)

  3. Thanks Tes, its been very generous of you to leave a very flattering feedback!


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