Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dal Vada, Parippu Vada

Namaskaaram!!!   Time to go to South India ..Kerala....the land of coconuts and backwaters!!
We bring you a snack thats crispy , quick  and very traditional!!
Dal Vada also popularly know in Kerela as Parippu vada is a spicy and crunchy vada which can be great snack with tea.

Traditionally chana dal is used. Here I have used Chana as well as a little Urad Dal. 

Also down South they are fried in coconut oil and this gives them a really nice flavor. 


1 cup        Chana Dal
1/4 cup     Urad Dal
3 to 4        Green Chillies
1               Onion
1 inch       Ginger piece
1/2 cup     Coriander leaves
1 tsp         Jeera
8 to 10      Peppercorns
1 1/2 tsp   Dhania seeds
1 tsp         Saunf 
1 tsp         Red chilli powder
1/2 tsp      Haldi powder
1 tsp         Namak Shamak
2 to 3 tsp  Besan (optional)
Oil for frying

For the coconut chutney:

1 cup       Grated Coconut
2              Green Chillies
1/4 tsp     Chana Dal
1/4 tsp     Urad Dal
1/2 inch   Ginger
For the tadka a little urad dal, oil and a red chilli.
Namak Shamak to taste


Soak the chana dal and the ural dal for atleast 4 hrs.

Roast the saunf, dhania seeds, jeera and the peppers and coarsely grind them.

Finely cut the green chillies, ginger and the onion.

Reserve a handful of whole dals aside and grind the rest coarsely. Pls dont use water. The mixture needs to be dry.

In a bowl, mix the dals with the green chillies, ginger, onion. Add the ground saunf, dhania, jeera, pepper powder, chilli powder, haldi and the salt. Mix and then add the reserved dals. If you feel the mixture is runny or you cant make a vada, just add a little besan for binding.

Fry the vadas on medium heat.

For the chutney, lightly roast the urad and chana dal. Now put all the ingredients in the mixie and grind. Add water as required. For the tadka, heat a tsp of oil and add the urad dal and red chilli, when the dal becomes a little brown remove from heat and give the tadka.

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