Friday, 26 October 2012

Fried Modak

Our favorite rotund Lord Ganesh is here and so are his favourite modaks….

Currently there are “Modaks Modaks everywhere!!!!!!” Its just been a day and wherever I go for the darshan I am being bombarded with modaks but nope….. I don’t mind. And given the variety of modaks , Why should I???

Yup there are a wide variety of modaks available commercially and in mindblowing flavours like the pista, chocolate, strawberry and the good old elaichi modak. But nothing comes close to the traditional home cooked modak, be it the fried ones or the yummylicious Ukdiche Modak.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity for me…from cooking Naivedya to making modaks and not to forget visiting friends for Ganapati Darshan. But it always gives me a sense of achievement and peace whenever I cook a complete meal with modaks for Bappas naivedya. And the food never tastes as good as on this day.

Contrary to popular belief, the modak can be prepared in under an hour. Since my family loves the fried modaks I made those on the first day.


For the cover:

4 cups         Wheat flour
3 tsp            Rawa
4 tsp            Oil
A pinch of namak shamak

For the filling:

1               Scraped coconut
1 ½ cup    Jaggery (approx. ½ of the coconut)
½ tsp        Elaichi and Jaiphal (nutmeg) powder
½ cup      Assorted Dryfruits (chopped)


For the dough:

Take the wheat atta in a bowl, add the rawa and salt to it. In a small pan heat the oil and when hot add it to the atta. Now knead the dough using water. The dough should be stiff. Cover and keep aside for ½ hour.

For the filling:

Heat a pan and add the jaggery to it, when it melts add the coconut and the elaichi, jaiphal powder and cook till it becomes dry. It will take about 10 mins. Add the chopped dry fruits and mix.
For making modaks:

Make small pedas of the dough and roll them into puris. Make sure they are not very thin as they might break and the filling will come out and spread in the oil.

Fill the puris with the coconut mixture and gently close the modaks using pleating action (make small pleats as you would while wearing a sari!!!!) Close and seal them firmly.
Heat oil in a kadhai. Fry the modaks on low heat till golden brown and done.


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