Friday, 5 October 2012

Crispy Fried Chicken / KFC style Fried Chicken

On our regular casual weekend outings in Nasik , we just saw a huge hiring add outside what looked like a prospective restaurant or a food joint. And yes, that was a hiring add for KFC staff..yes Kentucky Fried Chicken!! Wow...I was overwelmed...finally an outlet in Nasik, no more need to stand in overcrowded Mc Donalds outlet or wait at the Subways just to be told that they are out of Bread!( yesit happened to me twice here, at Subway , when they told me they are out of bread and the fresh batch would take 25 30 mins to bake...Gosh!!)
At Mumbai , it was just for granted that you have access to the best , be it food or clothing or anything!! Its only when you lose it , that you realise the significance!! ( Man, i miss travelling by overcrowded local trains and those was just so convinient!)
Ok so back to us gazing the KFC coming soon board...and my husband was like, you better apply for a cooks job know their secret crispy fried flaky chicken recipe!! And i secretly agreed....and we laughed it off...
But despite all attempts at home , i wasnt able to get my chicken right....that was until today, when I perfected my recipe , to get just that crispy fried goodness on my plate....!!
And I really didnt get time for the garnish and presentation , since it was just made in the spur of the moment! But nevertheless the taste is just divine!! Crisp, super light and juicy inside!!



200 gms Boneless Chicken,cut into thin slices
1 egg,lightly beaten
200 ml milk
Oil for frying

For Dusting:
1 Cup Maida or all purpose flour
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Mixed Herbs
1 tsp Paprika

For Marinating Chicken:
1 tsp Vinegar
1/2 tsp Msg
1 tsp Garlic powder (optional)
1 tsp Mixed Herbs

Marinate the chicken slices in all the marinade ingredients ,preferrably overnight or atleast 2-3 hours.

Mix the egg and milk and beat it to mix thoroughly.

Sieve the maida with baking powder and salt.
Add the herbs add paprika and mix.

Heat oil in a kadhai.(You can deep fry big chunks of chicken if you like, I have used slices , to reduce the oil used for frying,since the oil gets dark with the flour , so cant be reused)

Dip the chicken pieces in the egg milk mixture and drop them in the flour mixture.Make sure the chicken is evenly coated with dry flour.

Coated chicken waiting to be deep fried into crispy juicy bits

Again drop the coated chicken in the egg milk mixture and then roll them in the dry flour mixture.
Now put the chicken to fry in hot oil on a medium flame, till its crisp and brown.
Serve with dips of your choice..
I served with a veg.mayo salad! Yumm

Crisp,crumblyand juicy!!


  1. oh man... this looks pretty good.. how close would you say you came to the Original Colonel's recipe ?
    Any chance of giving him a run for his money :)
    In Kerala, we have umpteen variations of KFCs chicken - chickking, big chick, universal fried chicken (!), kerala fried chicken (KFC!!) etc etc but they aren't as close as you'd wish

  2. Thanks! Well it did come quite close to the original one,except for all those fancy spices they add for marination, this ones simple. And the Kerala Fried Chicken for KFC sounds cool!! Plan to make a Kerala version of this soon!!


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