Monday, 31 December 2012

Spicy Chicken Burger/Chicken Tower Burger

Yet another fast food item ,that I ve been cooking for a long time, now, but never thought about posting to the blog..Until , my husband ,who loves to feast on them ,especially on sundays,prompted me to! Two things he just cant resist , are chicken burgers and chicken spicy wraps! He's not much of  dessert or cake much of the cakes I bake mostly are for my Kiddo! But the Burgers! I must say I can trade anything from his , in return to make those loaded burgers!
And what more? They are really simple to make and keeps me stree free on weekends...just  the thing needed to escape a nice lazy weekend!
You need a BIG AAAH to eat this!


For burger patty:
200 gms Boneless chicken or minced chicken
1 small onion chopped
2 Chopped Green Chillies
2 tsp Ginger garlic paste
1 small Egg
1 tsp Salt
1/2 Cup Bread crumbs(optional)
2-3 tbsp Oil for shallow frying

 For Coleslaw:
1/2 Cup shredded Cabbage
1 medium sliced Onion
1 tsp Vinegar
1 tsp Sugar
2 tbsp Mayonaise
A dash of dried herbs

2 Burger Buns
2 eggs
1 tsp Salt and Pepper
1 tbsp Mayonaise
1 Sliced Onion and Tomato
Oil for grilling

Mince the boneless chicken together with all the ingredients ,except the crumbs and oil and keep aside for an hour in refrigerator.

Make palm size patties from the mince and roll them in crumbs and shallow fry them in hot oil on medium flame till golden brown on both sides.

Mix shredded cabbage and onion with sugar and vinegar and keep aside for 10 mins.
Now add the mayonaise and mix together.

Fry the eggs and season with salt and pepper and keep aside.
Cut the burger buns horizontally and lightly toast them on a pan.

Now apply mayo on the lower bun and place sliced onion and tomato over it.Place a burger patty over it.

Place fried egg over this.

Top it with coleslaw and sprinkle some redchilly powder over it , if you want it more spicy.

Now place the fried egg over it and cover it with the top portion of the bun.
Serve with fries and ketchup!
A loaded burger, spicy and juicy..just indulge!


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