Monday, 21 January 2013

Strawberry Cheese Cake

There are only 2 seasonal fruits I eagerly await! One is my most favourite Mango!! Alphonso particularly! And the other being Pretty Pink Strawberries! And this pretty pink fruit comes twice a year here,winters and spring summers!
Just bought a box full of Pink beauties home, and I knew just what I need to make off them!
Fortunately, I managed to fetch a box of Phily Cream Cheese too!
My job half done, with all the perfect ingredients , I made this quick fix dessert , so yummy, that my kiddo learnt to say "Strawberry" ..baubbling it as "Swabeee"!!


10 -15 Fresh Strawberries
1/2 Cup Whipping Cream( I used professional whipping cream that doubles in volume, but if you are using a regular dairy cream or Amul Fresh cream , use the complete 200 ml pack)
2-3 tbsp Cream Cheese
3 tbsp Castor Sugar
1 tsp Gelatine, dissolved in water and set aside for 10 mins

For the crust:

8-10 Marie Biscuits or any Digestive  Biscuits, crushed.
2 tsp Melted butter


Mix together the crushed biscuits with butter and press them in a loose bottom tin or springform tin.
Incase you sont have either,you can line the base of a flat plate with a foil and then proceed as mentioned above.
Freeze the tin ,after pressing the mixture firmly into it for 10 mins.

Preheat oven at 180 deg C for 5-7 mins and bake the crust from the fridge , for about 10 mins.
This step is optional , but if done , will give a perfect base.

Pour the whipping cream and sugar in a bowl and whip using sn electric beater till it forms stiff peaks.
Reserve 3-5 strawberies for garnish and lightly crush the remaining to a pulp.
Add this to the whipped cream along with cream cheese and beat again till incorporated.
Now , add the gelatine mixture and beat again for 2 mins.
Pour this mixture over the cooled baked crust, and refrigerate the cheese cake for atleast 1 hour, to set.

Garnish with sliced strawberries and serve.


  1. Yummy strawberry cake. Love it.

  2. Thank you! The crust is the best part of the dessert..n it comes very easy , with regular Marie Biscuits! Hope you enjoy making it!


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