Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Achari Fish Tikka / Spicy Pickled Fish Fry

Here comes pickles season.....the markets are flooded with huge green kairis that are bound to make your mouth water!!!

Had gone shopping a few days back and picked up a packet of pickle masala just on a whim...guess just looking at those yummilicious kairis made me want to pick it up...Anyway, now that I had the masala I had to use it. Making mango pickle is really time consuming and needs accuracy. And time is something I am lacking right now with all the guest dropping over and my kiddo vacays and so on and so forth!!!

I had a huge and totally boneless piece of ghol fish which was sitting in the fridge so I though why not use it with the achar masala?? I make prawns pickle which stays for 8 to 10 days in the fridge but here making pickle was not possible as ghol fish is really delicate and tend to break so fish pickle was out....but since the fish was already marinating I went ahead and pan fried it...and it came out totally yummy with just the right amount of zing and punch!!

Since I had some left over marinade I just added the maida and besan to it and coated the potato roundels and pan fried them..they perfectly complimented the achari do go ahead and make these.


8 / 10 pieces       Ghol fillets (You can use rawas or surmai fillets also)
2 tsp                   Mango pickle masala (I used bedekar's)
2 tsp                   Ginger Garlic paste
2                         Lemons
1/2 tsp                Haldi powder
1/2 tsp                Namak Shamak (the pickle masala already had a little salt)
4 tsp                   Besan
4 tsp                   Maida
Oil for frying


Remove the juice of the lemons.

Marinate the fish pieces in the lemon juice, pickle masala, ginger garlic paste, haldi powder and salt and leave them for atleast an hour.

Mix the besan and maida. Do not add water.

Take the marinated fish pieces and roll them in the besan, maida mixture till evenly coated.

Shallow fry in oil on a skillet or non stick tawa on low heat till crisp and evenly browned.

If you have some left over marinade just toss in the remaining besan and maida. Add a little water to make a thick batter. Now dip the potato roundel in it and pan fry them on low heat.

Serve the achari fish tikka with crisp white onions.

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