Thursday, 28 June 2012

Baked Corn Wadi

Monsoon is here!!!!!!! 
And so are the corns........I just love to munch on the hot and spicy bhutta during the rains. Pure heaven!!!!

In short I love the corns so much that there are going to be a lot of corn recipes this season in all forms from starters to desserts.

During the rains we just let go of the diet and pile on kilos, so here is an healthy alternative without compromising on taste.


2 cup       Sweet Corns
1              Onion
1 inch      Ginger
1/2 tsp     Jeera
1 tsp        Garam Masala
1/2 tsp     Red Chilli Powder
1/4 tsp     Haldi Powder
1/2 tsp     Dhania Powder
1 tsp        Saunf
1/2 tsp     Namak Shamak
1/2 cup    Coriander Leaves
2 tsp        Oil


Add the Sweet Corns, Onion, Ginger in the food processor and coarsely grind it. Remove in a bowl. Now in a non stick pan add the oil. When hot add the corn mixture, dhania powder, jeera powder, haldi powder, saunf and the salt. Cover and cook for 10 mins. Stir the mixture from time to time. Remove from fire and add the coriander leaves.

Take a pie tin or any flat cake tin and oil it. Now put in the corn mixture and flatten it. 

Put the tin on high rack and grill for 10 mins or till the crust turns golden brown. 

Cool and cut into diamond shapes and serve with chutney or tomato ketchup.

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