Monday, 30 July 2012

Butterscotch and Rasgulla Surprise


Its festive time and I usually go into the Mithai mode. brain equates festival to mithai!!!

This one is after dinner affair when you are too tired. You can make it earlier in the day and freeze it or you can make these in individual bowls then and there. Its a quick fix dessert.


8 to 10                Rasgullas
Family pack         Butterscotch icecream
Butter scotch topping
a few cherries 


Squeeze the rasgullas and break them into pieces. Deseed the cherries.

In a spring form tin, put a layer of butter scotch icecream. Add the rasgulla pieces and the cherries. Now squeeze the butterscotch topping on it. Arrange the second layer of ice cream. Cover and freeze in the freeze for 2 to 3 hrs.

To serve just squeeze the butter scotch topping on the top.

This dessert can be served in individual bowls also.

You can substitute butter scotch icecream with vanilla icecream or the cherries with choco chips.

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