Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Pulpy Mango Cocktail

It was June end , and I really want to salute all the mango farm owners who still manage to churn out kairis and mangoes this late.But monsoons were almost there and it wont be long before these lovely yellow fruits be gone from the market. So heres bidding a sweet farewell with a twisty cocktail!!!
Aam ko humara aakhari salaam!!!
But that does not give any excuse to not try this coctail at home. You ccan try it with a mango pulp and kairi panna squash that you get year round! And believe me its worth it!


For Single serving

Aam ka panha:50 ml (apprx 1/2 cup)
Fresh Mango juice:150 ml( not very thick like aamras, but a semi thick flowing consistency)
Ginger juice:2 tsp
Orange juice: 25 ml
Vodka:20 ml
Gelatine: 2tsp


Dissolve gelatine in 2 tbsp water and mix it with the aam ka panha,and refrigerate to set.
It should be a firm jelly that can be chopped into fine pieces and be able to hold when mixed with water
Now mix the chopped jelly in 1 tbsp water and add ginger juice to it.
Pour this mix to a tall glass.
Mix mango juice ,Orange juice and vodka and gently add the mixture to the glass containing the panha jelly mixture.
Stir with a straw and enjoy the pulpy mango delight!!!

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