Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nutella Deep Dish

This one was a total surprise for me too...
Had a sweet craving in the morning but didn't want something conventional so I dove into my fridge and just took out what ever I felt like eating. I assembled all the assorted items and just let my creativity take over. And what I got was a very yummy quick to make Nutella deep dish. Yes it is a total calorific nightmare but then when you need to have sweets you need to have it.... right.


1                Whole wheat pizza base
2 tsp           Nutella
2 tsp           Butter
a handful     Assorted Nuts
a pinch        Cinnamon powder


Cut the pizza base into long strips.Reserve a few for making crumbs.

Wiz the nuts and the reserved pizza base strips in the mixie. They should be coarse.

In a bowl, mix the nuts and the crumbs, butter, nutella and the cinnamon powder.

Grease the cake tin. Layer the pizza base strips. Spread the nutella mixture above them.

Bake in Preheated oven 180 deg.C for 10 mins.

Can be had warm or cold. Tastes good with vanilla ice cream.

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